SHOP by POB - Print Service Grand Opening

Introducing the official Proof of Beauty Studios SHOP site. This will be our space to explore the physicality of NFTs, provide POB merchandise, and experiment with web3 ecommerce experiences.

Print Service

We think premium artwork deserves a premium print experience. And it just so happened that we stumbled upon Urban Digital Color during a hangout in San Francisco. UDC specializes in fine art printmaking and produces archival-grade digital prints for numerous museum exhibitions like the SF MoMA.

Nothing could have been better so we rolled with it; and the results are absolutely beautiful.

To further expand the POBverse and support the $LONDON token ecosystem, the Print Service will only be able for purchase with $LONDON token. We will slowly increase liquidity of the token as well through this process.

As always, we're open to hear your thoughts about this on Twitter or Discord. When we expand to more products, we will have to consider alternative forms of payment anyways.

If you don't want the premium framing or would like to frame it yourself, you can select "No Frame / Print Only" in the Print Package selection during checkout. You will be shipped just a roll of the print and the Providence Certificate (all orders receive certificates).

Order Info / Tips

When placing your order, please use an email address or Twitter handle that we can reliably contact. This is critical for us to fulfill your order or contact you in case of some issue.

Additionally, please ensure that your shipping address is accurate and valid according to global postal guidelines. We are also experimenting here, so please be aware that we need your help to ensure shipping is handled correctly.

If you are concerned about sharing your address through the site, please place your order and then immediately contact us via email ( or file a support ticket on our Discord's #support channel. @ash_bhimasani or another POB core member will help you out.

The checkout form has no validation other than requiring some text to be in place; it is up to you to provide accurate and reliable information so we can process your order.

If we do not see a Shipping Address we will do our best to contact you, but please reach out to us. If we do not see any valid Contact Info or Shipping Address, we will try our best to backtrace from the wallet address who placed the order, but we will mark the order as DELAYED and proceed forward with other orders. It is up to you to help us rectify your order. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


We deeply respect everyone's privacy and handle all sensitive info as securely as possible. Shipping info is shared with our printing service Gallery 16 and stored in both a restricted Firestore database and Airtable. The POB Shop experience is both experimental and a work in progress; please be advised. The primary parties responsible over your data are @ash_bhimasani and @dave4506. Feel free to reach out to us anytime.

View Status of Order

Navigating to will display any pending orders in our system. After payment, please wait a good 5-10 minutes for our webhook to kick in and register the emitted event from the payment.

Order Statuses

  • NEW: brand new order. Has not been processed and sent to the printer. Processing requires downloading the high-res version of the artwork, creating the Providence Certificate, verifying the shipping details (and contacting customer if required), uploading images to our POB Google Drive, and finally notifying the printer of the order.
  • DELAYED: if there is a delay in receiving a valid shipping address, we will mark the order as Delayed.
  • UPLOADED: order has been sent to the printer and is awaiting printing. Usually this part is pretty fast.
  • PRINTED: order has been printed
  • FRAMING: order is in framing process which can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks.
  • SHIPPED: order has been shipped. We provide a tracking number as soon as its available to us.
  • COMPLETE: we check the status of shipping periodically. If we see the shipment marked as delivered, we will update the status to Complete.

How it all Works

In the spirit of web3, the Print Service payment system is a smart contract with fixed pricings (product0 @ 10,000 $LONDON and product1 @ 30,000 $LONDON).

And currently the buy function of the contract only supports $LONDON token as payment in order to emit the necessary PrintOrderReceived event. This event is required to create a new order in our system. Please do not send money to the contract directly.

PrintOrderReceived Event

  • orderID [topic1]: an auto incremented number (starts at 0) that serves as your place in the queue as well as an order identifier.
  • orderHash [topic2]: At time of payment, we hash together all your order details (including your sensitive bits) along with a salt. We use this hash to track your encrypted info and associate it with your payment. This is passed to the buy function.
  • productID: 0 or 1. This is "No Frame" vs "Framed". Dictates order type and pricing. You will receive the order you pay for.
  • collection. Contract address of the artwork you want printed. LONDON GIFT: 0x7645eec8bb51862a5aa855c40971b2877dae81af. HASH: 0xe18a32192ed95b0fe9d70d19e5025f103475d7ba.
  • tokenID. Token ID of the artwork you want printed.

Retrieving your personal data (contact + shipping)

Since web3 can be finicky and you can complete the payment even after you close the page, we have a sort of alley-oop system in place for saving data. At time of "Purchase Button" click, we push up the order details to our secure Firestore database. The entry is indexed by the order hash that is also passed to the buy smart contract function call.

Once the payment is confirmed, we have a webhook that processes the emitted event, uses the orderHash to index Firestore, and mark the order as paid ✅. At this point, we have a NEW order in our system for processing.

The rest of the process is entirely manual: downloading artwork, compiling resources for printing, following up with provider, etc.

Looking for some work?

The POB SHOP experience is a lot of work and can definitely be scaled. If you are interested in spearheading this effort please contact us! Additionally, managing and processing orders can be a tedious but non-technical job, if you are looking for some light paid work, feel free to reach out to us!

The Future of SHOP

  • We can definitely scale to other artworks / artists. Starting the process slow and smoothing out the logistics of order processing is key here. Feel free to share on Twitter what artists and artworks you think we should work with.
  • More products besides the Print Service are imminent. We are looking at things like Hoodies, Beanies, Rugs, and Blankets. Share on Twitter what POB merchandise and products you would like to see.
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