Let the SAGA continue
May 28th, 2021

It’s been about a month and a half since the selling out of GENESIS and we been heads down building a new season that honors what has come before and what $HASH can/will be.

Enter SAGA. A season to celebrate the more personal moments of our ETH history. SAGA introduces a ton of new features and experiences:

  • The SAGA generative algorithm, inspired by GENESIS and other artists~
  • The #MYSAGA experience, a customized gallery experience to highlight your best and most historic moments of your address (or really any address for that matter)
  • Checkout experience, like shopping on a traditional website. Qe have introduced a checkout style experience: add txns to cart and mint them all in one go!
  • Larger and discounted supply of txns to offer $HASH at accommodating prices for all kind of collectors!

SAGA is jam packed with new features and experiences. The new supply and pricing mechanic

In GENESIS, we introduced a novel pricing curve that is dependent to the number of mints that came before. We believe that the pricing curve introduced is fascinating in so many ways and hope to continue to use it, while addressing some of its weaknesses.

One of the largest issues we noted with the linear price curve, was how fast it priced out a number of users. This was, in the case of GENESIS, by design; we wanted the txns minted as $HASH NFTs to be symbolic and carry weight, and the pricing increase did just that. While it did this part of its job well, we soon realized that $HASH has much more to offer than just capturing our broader history, and to best allow users to capture such nuances of history we needed a slightly better pricing model.

With that, we decided to introduce in SAGA a new discounted pricing model around minting:

  • Personal txns, ones sent or received by the minting address will be priced at a flat 0.125 ETH.

    • There will be a supply of 23333 $HASH NFTs reserved for the discounted price.
  • Historic txns, any txn sent by anyone and not related to the minting address will be priced like the GENESIS linear pricing curve. It will start at 0.5 ETH and grow 0.001 ETH a mint.

    • There will be a supply of 2303 $HASH NFTs reserved for the historic pricing.

In total, there will be 23333 + 2303 = 25636 SAGA txns minted. Some of them minted via the personal pricing, and some via the historic. How the NFT was minted will be defined in the token metadata, viewable on Opensea and other NFT platforms.

We hope that this new pricing and larger supply will draw a large audience to POB’s $HASH, energizing the community and our spirit to collect our ETH history. Our main goal with season 1 is to celebrate PERSONAL history, the much larger supply of discounted personal txns was chosen in hopes to offer a ton of opportunity for net new people to join the project.


With a pricing mechanic that emphasizes personal txns, we wanted to offer a unique experience around the story of you and the blockchain. Enter #MySaga.

#MySaga, inspired by Spotify’s year in review, is a unique gallery curated by us with your addresses historic moments. Dependent to your addresses’s activity, we populate the #MySaga gallery with varying txns: your first contract deploy, largest trade, first uniswap trade, etc. Each #MySaga gallery is curated for each address on the ETH blockchain, so enjoy!

Batch Minting

We at POB have a deep passion in building strong experiences around our NFTs; we are product people at heart. With that, we see an opportunity to innovate upon how we mint NFTs via a new batch minting experience inspired by traditional e-commerce checkout flows.

Add multiply txns into the cart and decide later, in one go, to mint all of them with one transaction. This hopefully makes it easier for users to collect and curate what they want to see minted, before minting.

Due to some technical + UX limitations, we are only allowing personal txns, with the discounted price, to be added to the cart.

Wrapping up

SAGA has been the product of blood, sweat, tears from the POB team. We put a ton of love into making SAGA unique among the NFT projects and hopefully the exciting new features and SAGA experience reflects our ambition. We hope SAGA will allow you to interact with crypto in ways never done before!

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