$HASH - A new experiment around cryptoart

If you somehow found this blog without first visiting pob.studio, first I am amazed and surprised, two, please do visit and play around with the platform! Come back with the context of the platform in mind.

**TLDR **POB stands for Proof of Beauty, a crypto art experiment where each artwork ($HASH token) represents a transaction hash. The community mints the artworks they deem ‘beautiful’ culturally, historically, or visually.

So go mint some artworks.

Go mint your first transaction on Ethereum as an artwork.

Go hunting for vitalik’s recent transactions.

Go find the DAO hack transaction.

It is all up to you, you are part of the artistic process. I, as the creator of POB, have no final say of what becomes a token or not. You mint what is ‘beautiful’.

So go mint some artworks.

Go mint the transactions of your most successful trade.

Go hunting for the first Eth2 deposits.

Go find the first pool created on Uniswap.

$HASH artworks are generated from the transactions metadata. The gas price controls artistic details, the event logs controls the colors, the nonce controls the ‘visual complexity’ of the artwork. Find, hunt, mine for unique and rare transactions that have specific transaction metadata to perfect your perfect artwork.

So go mint some artworks.

Go mint the transaction of your first transfer out of Coinbase.

Go hunting for the highest gas price transaction to date.

Go find the first NFT minted.

A minting curve sets a predictable pricing system for minting artworks. The first 1000 artwork are priced at 0.05 ETH. The next costs 0.001 ETH more, then 0.002 ETH, then so on. What does this mean to you? As POB grows and matures as a project, minting new artworks costs more and more (like the block difficulty curve in POW). Jump in early and find meaningful transactions.

So go mint some artworks.

Go mint the transaction of your largest DEX trade to date.

Go hunting for transactions from side-chain bridge contracts.

Go find the first transaction on Superrare.

POB’s algorithm is open sourced and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Fret not, an IPFS gateway exists if pob.studio were to go down. As long as the Ethereum community stands, POB will exist in one form or another.

So go mint some artworks.

Go mint your most face-palming, embarrassing transaction.

Go hunting for the first transactions from A16z.

Go find the largest RARI swap on Uniswap.

POB is a community of many voices and perspectives. Are you an ETH historian collecting the most pivotal transactions in ETH history? Or are you an art miner finding the rarest attributes in $HASH to sell? Or do you want to simply remember your own history in Ethereum? You mint the artworks that mean the most to you.

So go mint some artworks.

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