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May 28th, 2021


We have a new home! Check out our new studio page at

$HASH, our first token project will live on

This doesn’t change things internally, we are clarifying our studio brand to the public and our relationship with our projects.

People seem to interchange POB <> $HASH, this is technically not the case as Proof of Beauty is the studio that creates projects like $HASH.

Proof of Beauty studios started as a vision, a dream to create a creative vehicle to deliver unique and thoughtful crypto <> culture <> art experiments. This idea initially came to form little over a year ago.

Fast forward to now, POB studios released our first project, $HASH. A project to revel in the beauty that is our history. With this release, and its reception from the NFT community, it seems clear to us that our vision for POB has a ton more potential and appears unique in the bustling NFT space.

Before explaining our philosophy / vision at Proof of Beauty, let’s make this point clear: POB, Proof of Beauty, is NOT $HASH. You will see me refer to $HASH as POB’s $HASH. That is the relation of POB to our projects, we plan to have many sister projects to $HASH as the studio grows. A $HASH NFT is NOT a POB NFT, Proof of Beauty studios has no non-fungible token, or fungible token. When we chat with the community on proposals like HCIP-2, we refer to us as another party in the proposal process: POB studios.

As we continue to release new projects, seasons, and grow as a brand; we hope this distinction becomes clearer and clearer.

Back to our philosophy. It can be best highlighted via 4 overarching principles:

  • Quality art experiences
  • Novel token mechanics
  • Well executed project experiences
  • Strong memetics

Quality art experiences

As a studio, we are first and foremost artists; we love the creation of something that can evoke something more than the strictly pragmatic. This doesn’t mean we will always do generative art, but whatever future medium we choose to leverage, we choose to use such mediums because of the capabilities it enable for us as artists.

To this, we believe that our art can stand on its own, sans token mechanics, delivery mechanism, or brand. We believe in creating good art first; something that is sensorily impressive and unique. Such a quality rubric is anchored by our principles and world view as art lovers.

We are ever interested in new and unique mediums, as implied later; we will become a blockchain-agnostic token studio; using varying blockchains for what they can offer to our work. We will explore other mediums, from videography, games, VR+AR, to more traditional tools.

Novel token mechanics

As a token experience studio, we are fundamentally interested in the blockchain as a medium of art. We believe this is an unexplored vector; the blockchain has so much more to offer and believe we can tap into these aspects of our blockchain culture via unique token mechanics.

To this, we are interested in how token mechanics and the act of tokenizing ELEVATES the experience; this doesn’t mean each new NFT we release re-invents the wheel. More so, I am highlighting the deliberate nature of how we create NFTs and how we deeply ingrain the token itself into the art experience.

Well executed project experiences

The team at POB (small, but a crack team) are at heart front end/product engineers. We love the act of creating unique and fun experiences that people can enjoy. This means that for each project, we place a ton of attention to delivering it to the community in a novel, delightful, and approachable way. This also enables us to react fast to feedback; ever mindful of our time, we can deploy fixes and improvements asked by the community as engineers.

As our projects get increasingly novel, it is apparent to us we must be good product engineers and work to deliver our ideas and communicate it in the best way possible.

Strong memetics

Art and a studio is very much so dependent to the brand it carries and how the community interpret it. To this, at POB studios, we are very interested in exploring what more we can do as a NFT studio. NFTs, in large part are confined to the digital boxes that they are presented in; we are interested in how we can go beyond that. We have ton of interesting and ambitious ideas to bring our NFTs out into the real world; ranging from physical renders to large ambitious projects like a mural. We want our NFTs to be experienced in ways not quite explored by other NFT projects yet.

Beyond the physicality; we are interested in what the NFT represents. We refer to our projects in many ways as units of stories: ways to capture emotions, time, expertise, thought and create a way for communities to come together and share such human moments. To this, it is very important to us to have a vibrant and thoughtful community.

This deeply affects how we build new projects; we are ever thoughtful of how we can build a community around these projects. We have considered some token-mechanics but some were shot down on the principle of the undesired effects. We believe a good thoughtful and well-intentioned community is more valuable than any quick cash-grab that can be enabled via some fungible token mechanic.

This doesn’t mean we don’t value our early supporters; we are always thankful and looking at ways to enable and lift up our early supporters of this token experiment. This may mean many things, so stay tuned.

With these four pillars, we believe that POB studios is in a unique position to offer something unique to the crypto-art community. I am confident to say that we have the focus, interest, motivation, and capacity to execute upon these principles with the exciting roadmap we have planned.

This doesn’t mean we are correct, better than others, or come with some spirit of crusading. More so, we are excited about what we can offer to the mindshare in the crypto-art space. We are ever inspired by other projects and hop to earn our spot among these ground breaking projects in our community.

To summarize:

Proof of Beauty is a studio; we are a creative token studio interested in how we can push tokens further. While Defi projects have pushed the utility of tokens and the capacity to appraise them, we are focused on the emotional, experiential, cultural aspect of tokens.

Our vision + roadmap for POB is filled with new exciting projects, and interesting seasons for different projects. We have some seriously cool things lined up for you all to enjoy. These projects will introduce new ways to relate to our wallets, addresses, assets, the blockchain, and culture.

If you want to guess what we have in store for the next year (potentially longer):








Stay excited; POB is just getting started.

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