The Proof of Beauty Trilogy: Publico

What is Publico?

Publico is the newest collection from Proof of Beauty Studio - a series of experiments with NFT contracts powered by the search of novelty. The studio always looks to create striking experience and a new NFT cultural phenomenon, and Publico makes no difference. All series will represent a study of different aspects of the bound between the NFT creator and the NFT collector.

Publico Open Piano was the first series to be released, and the whole event was presented in live stream. The collection has a limited supply, capped at 64 NFTs, with the owner of Token ID:0 to dictate what the NFT metadata points to.

The owner of Token Zero was the first "piano player" and dictated the direction of the whole collection. The 1st Piano Player had the freedom to express his thoughts and enjoy a non-static NFT.

The Open Piano collection is available on Opensea with a floor price at 1.75 ETH, and 13.6 ETH volume traded. The "One of you is trash art!" message could be a call towards eco-friendly art and sustainable blockchain solutions? I don't know!

While I still thinking about the Open Piano dilemma, the second series was announced. The "Colored loot" was inspired by the blooming "loot" projects and will be a collection of color pallets used in the London Gift layouts. Each pallet will create a 1:1 NFT, as part of  the decentralized on-chain art movement.

The next series are called "Fatal Flaw" , "Entropic Metadata", "Unownable", "Bridge to River Gwei", "Transfer to Win", "Cold War" and "Pandora's Box". Judging by the name, all of them will deliver something unique. If I would be able to chose now, before any details are announced, I will go for Entropic Metadata or Pandora's Box. Why? Because I live in a state of disorder and I know that only Hope was left after all evils were released into the world.

Check out the PoB trilogy:

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