Time is fleeting : Genesis is not
May 28th, 2021

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Proof of beauty’s first project $HASH has received an explosive response from the NFT community. We couldn’t be happier with how people are exploring our history and finding the most important bits of our, your, history worth tokenizing.

In many ways, $HASH is a project that reflects ourselves. If you are a NFT collector, you are naturally drawn to the visual rarities of the artwork and historic NFT events. If you have created your own projects, you are drawn to the history you have created. To say that $HASH is just a non-fungible token doesn’t do justice to what it truthfully captures about its owner.

With this all in mind, we believe that $HASH has a ton of potential in growing well beyond its current scale. We also hope to tap into a huge cache of creative ideas/generative algorithms ideas we have in mind at POB to create cooler experiences for the POB community.

Enter seasons.

Previously, $HASH was designed with a limited vision in mind; one visual algorithm, infinite supply of one visual experience.

We are moving to a different model around ‘seasons’, inspired by the seasonality seen in fashion brands.

We are making a few changes to the current $HASH experience:

  • This is season 0, GENESIS.
  • The pricing curve has not changed one bit.
  • Only 2500 GENESIS edition $HASH NFTs will ever exist.

After each season reaches its max mintable supply, we will be heads down working/releasing the next season for the community to enjoy. (We are working on season 1 as we speak)

Each season will offer creative new ways to experience the tokenizing of our history. Expect different pricing mechanisms, different amount of mintable supply, changes to which txns you can mint, and new visual experiences.

Almost everything related to the token mechanics of $HASH can be changes in creative ways to spur new thoughts in the POB community.

There is one thing that is constant for every season.

ONCE A TX $HASH is minted in a season, IT CAN NOT BE minted in a subsequent season.

Earlier seasons will have a larger domain of transactions to mint, later seasons will see some transactions already minted in earlier seasons.

Why the change to seasonality?

There has been a number of reasons we decided to move to a season design around $HASH:

  • We want to flex our creative muscles and continue to produce interesting visual + token experiences
  • Create inclusive seasons to net grow the POB community and cement $HASH as the premier history NFT
  • Collaborate with other creatives around $HASH
  • Reinforce early supporters with a system that enhances the value/feature set of earlier seasons.
  • Generate consistent excitement around $HASH moving forward

We believe these changes will be net beneficial to our current community and future community members.

To address some possible comments or thoughts from the community.

For current owners, we DO NOT believe the change to a seasonality model will depreciate your tokens. We believe it would improve it:

  • Earlier seasons, like a gen 0 cryptokitty, will be increasingly rare in the POB community with future seasons.
  • Capping the supply should induce some amount of token scarcity to the GENESIS season
  • New seasons will drive continue growth to $HASH and create a larger community willing to appraise the value of $HASH tokens.
  • Finally, PRICING DOES NOT change in GENESIS season. The pricing curve stays, its just shut off after 2500 mints.

Will previous seasons enjoy later seasons experiences with their hashes?

Yes. I can’t say for certain how this will be implemented, but we fully intend to allow earlier seasons to experience later seasons new experiences. The other way around WILL NOT be the case.

How will the system be decentralized?

Each season has its corresponding permissions to mint $HASH nfts. After each season is launch, we will revoke our permissions to the season. However, we will continue to retain control of the capacity to create new seasons.

If any of you folks have questions/concerns please DM us on discord, happy to address them.

We believe these changes to $HASH will make a high potential project to a high growth project. We at POB are working to make that come to truth. Moving to a seasonality model is the first step in this direction.

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