Terrene Exeo is Here.

A year in the making, and we are finally ready to share what we’ve been building. We couldn’t be more excited!

Pob Studio presents: Terrene Exeo.


Terrene Exeo is a first-of-its-kind NFT collection of interactive generative art, created from NFT collection smart contracts on Ethereum.

Experience Terrene Exeo today!

CryptoPunks #2000-#2499
CryptoPunks #2000-#2499

Terrene Exeo explores the interconnection between collectors and NFT collections. It reflects on this relationship in a visual interpretation of these connections at large.

Terrene Exeo highlights the underlying ways we are connected to each other on the blockchain, evoking a sense of wonder and intrigue as we gain perspective on where we fit into the Eth-verse.

We welcome everyone to try our interactive dApp experience only at pob.studio/terrene/explore.

Terrene Exeo is packed with features. Visit the website for curated lists of collections to explore, project guides, and other useful information.

We’ll be unveiling Terrene Exeo in phases:

Terrene Exeo release phases
Terrene Exeo release phases

The full Explore experience will be released shortly—followed by announcements around minting details, and finally, the full minting experience. Additional information will be found on the Terrene Exeo project homepage and announced on our Twitter. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

Terrene Exeo immerses you in a new way to experience the blockchain. At its heart, Terrene Exeo was created to be a gateway to the expanding and vast expanse of Ethereum. It allows you to discover hidden depths in the archives of Ethereum and sheds light on collections that are popular today.

How does it work?

Every NFT collection on Ethereum is contained in a smart contract. 📄

Smart contracts tell us the details about a collection, such as who its token holders are and other relevant information. Terrene Exeo gathers information from these smart contracts with contract addresses to generate art.

Creating Terrene Exeo with NFT contracts
Creating Terrene Exeo with NFT contracts

Terrene Exeo visualizes relationships between NFT collectors and collections in a way that gives you the capability to see relationships in communities in real-time.

Worlds in the form of vibrant cities capture the essence of NFT communities and highlight the interconnection between token holders. Roads, Highways, and other compositional features in the landscape of the art all form connections with holders in a visual metaphor.

MutantApeYachtClub #2000-#2499
MutantApeYachtClub #2000-#2499

Generative art created with smart contracts is called contract art, as we define it at Pob Studio.

ℹ️ Contract art is only possible on the blockchain and because Terrene Exeo is on-chain, it is possible to generate art that is truly live and dynamic. As NFT collections see changes in their collectors, Terrene Exeo NFTs will dynamically update to reflect these changes

This can result in a small or large change to the appearance of your art. Your art changes and evolves with time, block by block, forever.

Terrene Exeo was designed to be highly interactive:

Terrene Exeo gets back to the roots of our first project, Hash, where we first started exploring contracts to create art, and is similar in spirit, to the way we used Transaction Hash records to create generative art.

Like Hash, Terrene Exeo was created for you to experience the profound wonder of what’s embedded in the fabrics of Ethereum. That said, Terrene Exeo goes further than Hash by creating generative art with smart contracts in a way that is fully on-chain. ⛓️

The collection history of Pob Studio
The collection history of Pob Studio

Since Hash, we have been consistently researching on-chain development. We were looking to create a project that builds off our past knowledge and Terrene Exeo is both a capstone and continuation of all that we have learned. 🧠

Because Terrene Exeo is fully on-chain, this guarantees that your NFT will exist on Ethereum for as long as the EVM exists. No other layer of storage for your NFT and its metadata is needed.

  • There’s no use of IPFS or any other data storage providers.

  • No server is ever involved in the process of securing your NFT.

  • Everything is generated on Ethereum.

Our collectors can have confidence that their Terrene Exeo NFT and its metadata will always be accessible and controlled by them. This is important to us.

There’s a lot we’ll be diving into in the near future.

The journey is just beginning and we can’t wait to share Terrene Exeo with the entire Ethereum community. We put our hearts into this project and we believe it's our best work yet. Terrene Exeo was truly built by collectors, for collectors, and we hope you love we what we created.

In the meantime, experience Terrene Exeo at pob.studio/terrene/explore.

Until next time!

With love,
Pob Studio Team

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