$ZINE - Proof of History - Vol. 1
June 10th, 2021

The $HASH project struck a unique cord both within ourselves and the community. What is Ethereum's history? That is something for all of us to discover and create.

With the Proof of History series, we want to highlight these mementos of our history and reward the treasure hunters in the community. Mirror's Split functionality is a beautiful way to acknowledge the curators and librarians of our world.


Volume 1 of the Proof of History series is a collection of artwork from Proof of Beauty's community Snapshot vote, conducted to decide which TX would be used in the first official POB mural. These 4 transactions have historical significance to both the POB community and broader Ethereum ecosystem. Each TX is displayed in S0: GENESIS and S1: SAGA flavors of artwork. The $ZINE project was created to give back to our community and expand the $HASH-verse. Proceeds from the auction will be split between the collectors and minters. This is ground zero, the beginning of a new era for POB and our community.

Proceeds from the auction will be split between collectors and minters

The Mints


On August 7, 2015 at 3:30:33 AM UTC, an ETH presale participant sent 0.000000000000031337 ETH to a fresh address, and breathed life into the Ethereum blockchain.

< hash.pob.studio > < opensea >

  • The famous collector.eth aka @timrix minted this tx on Jan-26-2021.
  • LazloKovacs purchased the piece for 50 ETH on Feb-25-2021.
  • POB Studio commissioned Deanna Mosca and @Kofe to create a mural of the S0 artwork to commemorate this foundational moment for the Ethereum community and the $HASH project.

A memento of the beginning. The birth of Ethereum.


The first ever successful Creation of a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. The first step in the past towards the futuristic present we live in.

< hash.pob.studio > < opensea >

  • Minted by 0x4621...e8a9 on Feb-15-2021, this $HASH is Part 1 of 2. The second piece is the 1st nested smart contract creation. Both of these significant transactions were validated by our #historians Discord community.
  • 0x4621...e8a9 is an avid hunter of $HASH artwork and has 2 unique $HASH finds in his collection. A great example of the duality of beauty and history.


The first transaction of 32 ETH sent to the ETH2 deposit contract. This is the start of a bright, unknown future. History in the making.

< hash.pob.studio > < opensea >

  • Minted by 0x581b...97b1 on Feb-10-2021. The significant transaction was validated by our #historians Discord community.


The transaction where the Proof of Beauty project was born. This is the contract creation for the GENESIS season of $HASH.

< hash.pob.studio > < opensea >

What’s Next?

This is the first of many zines we hope to create with the help of the community. Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to become a #Historian! We are in the process of expanding the $HASH-verse. So far we dropped our first Mural and Zine as a way to show off our amazing community and give back to $HASH holders. We will continue to make more of these while gearing up for physical items + new features.

Stay tuned to see how #OurHistory unfolds!

About Proof of Beauty

We are an experimental digital experience studio. The blockchain is our canvas & tokens our brush.

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