Pob Studio, a new chapter. Sharing our story.

We’re coming up on a year now that Pob Studio has been in a state of change and transition.

Put simply, we’ve been figuring things out.

We made some big changes as a company and rebranded to reflect that.

That said, our focus has always been to create art that changes people and we never took our eyes off our objective.

We create NFT’s to communicate our ideas and explore the bleeding edge of what NFT’s even are. All of our projects tell a bigger story and act as a commentary coming from Pob Studio. Our work doubles as a medium of expression for sharing our beliefs about the space and demonstrates the boundaries of NFT production today.

There’s so much that can be said about the state of production and technology in our industry and although we’ve been quiet, we have a lot to add to the conversation.

Moving forward, our plan is to use this newsletter as a way to regularly share alpha and our thoughts with our community. We won’t be shilling shit coins. Instead, we have stories and insights we’d love to share. We believe our community of collectors will value what we have to say.

On the note of our collectors…

We see you and we greatly appreciate your support!

We pride ourselves in that our community is a group of sophisticated collectors that loves NFT’s and artistry.

Thank you. ❤️

In the coming weeks, Pob Studio will officially unveil our magnum opus, Terrene Exeo.

Terrene Exeo is our best work yet, and was at its heart, built to create meaningful connections between you and this space that we all love.

We believe we built something that our community and others will really enjoy. This is a project built for the entire Ethereum community and we are so excited to share Terrene Exeo with you all!

Subscribe to be notified when we drop alpha. We’ll be sharing plenty of details about our coming collection. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, come say hi and join our Discord community if you’re not already a member:

Pob Studio website:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/prrfbeauty
Our Collections:
https://pob.studio/hash legacy website: https://hash.pob.studio
London: https://pob.studio/london legacy website: https://london.pob.studio
Public Piano: https://pob.studio/piano legacy website https://publico.pob.studio/piano
Merge: https://pob.studio/merge legacy website: https://merge.pob.studio

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