NFTs Reimagined with Terrene Exeo.

The next generation of NFTs needs to be more dynamic, personal, and designed to build on the unique qualities of NFTs.

Terrene Exeo is our entry to this new future. Generative art populated by NFT owners, ever changing with collections.

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Learn more about this new age of NFTs below.

Ignition #500-#511
Ignition #500-#511

Let’s consider any NFT collection on Ethereum.

Every NFT collection has a smart contract containing information about that collection. This information includes:

  • Collection metadata

  • Artwork

  • Info about its collectors

Imagine each cube below represents one NFT. Together, these NFT’s form a collection.

Each cube represents an NFT
Each cube represents an NFT

Every NFT has a token ID.

How do you know which NFT you own? NFT collections define each token with a unique ID number, often sequentially organized.

Using token ID’s, Terrene Exeo gathers data about collection owners and other useful information.

Each token has a unique ID number
Each token has a unique ID number

Visualizing each NFT owner.

Terrene Exeo visualizes each NFT owner as an isometric cube. These vary in form based on the amount of ETH held by the owner and we’ll get into this more later.

NFT owners are visualized as isometric cubes
NFT owners are visualized as isometric cubes

Forming neighborhoods.

We then group the isometric cubes into neighborhoods. This allows us to visualize shapes and map out the data in creative ways.

We group isometric cubes into neighborhoods
We group isometric cubes into neighborhoods

Collections become worlds.

Cubes forming roads, highways, and other features come together to create immersive cityscapes of generative art from the NFT collectors in collections.

Each Terrene Exeo is dynamic and constantly changing as collectors buy and sell their NFT’s.

Features come together to form dynamic worlds
Features come together to form dynamic worlds

Each world is unique.

No Terrene Exeo is generated from the same group of NFTs in any collection.

How? Each token ID can only be used to generate art once. We collect the data of up to 500 NFT owners to generate a Terrene Exeo.

Note that for illustrative purposes the following example shows only 35 NFTs per neighborhood.

Token ID's are organized into unique groups to create art
Token ID's are organized into unique groups to create art

If someone mints a Terrene Exeo of token ID’s #0-#499 in the Azuki collection, for example, those token ID’s are now claimed and can no longer be used to generate art.

Notably, the Azuki collection size is 10,000.

This means that a maximum of 20 Terrene Exeo NFTs can be generated for the Azuki collection, each of which representing a unique group of 500 NFT owners.

Terrene Exeo revisualizes Azuki NFT owners #0-#499
Terrene Exeo revisualizes Azuki NFT owners #0-#499

We’d also like to highlight:

  • Terrene Exeo is designed to work with most NFT collections. We’ll be expanding on this.

  • It works best with collections that have sequential token ID systems. #0-#9999 or #1-#10000, for example.

  • Pre-ERC 721 contracts require custom support. We built a tool to enable superusers to experience the depths of Terrene Exeo. We’ll get into this soon.

To learn more about the composition and features of the art, read Terrene Exeo 101: Breaking Down The Art.This is our guide to how interactive worlds that appear as sprawling cities are generated from the details found in smart contracts:

Terrene Exeo puts you in the heart of your favorite NFT collections and invites you to explore your place on the blockchain. Each world is a live reflection of the community of NFTs it represents. Changing block by block with the collection over time.

For Terrene Exeo to exist, we had to work closely within the limits of creating NFTs. To build something that is made to last also means to develop something that would exist in the hands of collectors forever.

That’s it for now.

With love,
Pob Studio Team 🧡

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