Recapping the Summer - Terrene Exeo and Beyond

Let’s get you caught up.

It’s been a busy couple of months. Let’s recap everything we’ve been working on and take a peek at what’s next. There’s a lot to cover.

(1) This summer we announced Terrene Exeo.

We introduced a first of its kind NFT collection and interactive dapp experience that we’ll be continuing to unveil in the coming days.

If you missed our official announcement, go get caught up on Twitter/X to stay in the know. See our announcement thread below for details:

Terrene Exeo is an NFT collection that introduces you to a new class of generative art that we call Contract Art, a genre of generative art created from data in smart contracts. Terrene Exeo expands on our internal perception of the EVM as a vast universe full of its own moments, places, and inhabitants. We place you in the centre of this universe, namely the Ethverse, and envision each NFT collection as its own world inhabited by individual collectors.

Where many collections are focused making a single nft or pfp the centre of the Ethverse, we see that you, the collector, are the primary inhabitant of this universe. While everyone else is asking which collection(s) will be the main characters of the metaverse, we hold that YOU already are. If Ethereum has a main character, it’s humanity, not an avatar.

To that end, Terrene Exeo is built around an immersive experience called Explore which allows you to interact with your favorite collections reimagined as generative art and traverse the vastness of the Ethereum blockchain. If you own an NFT, you are already part of this universe. This project is for you.

Learn about your favorite collections and other token holders. Spot yourself.
Learn about your favorite collections and other token holders. Spot yourself.

Terrene Exeo represents a new age of storytelling on the backbone of cryptography. Connect your wallet to our dapp and try out Explore for yourself:

Furthermore, our previous Mirror article breaks down how the art for Terrene Exeo is generated into vibrant and interactive worlds:

(2) Buried in our announcement of Terrene Exeo, we also unveiled The Collector Std., or 721C.

The Collector Std. is an NFT smart contract design that we created prioritizing collectors, decentralization, and on-chain mechanics.

The Collector Std. is our answer to creating NFTs that collectors deserve
The Collector Std. is our answer to creating NFTs that collectors deserve

Terrene Exeo is built around The Collector Std. and leverages its capabilities to deliver a highly interactive and dynamic NFT experience.

We’ve only just begun to share the standards full capabilities. With The Collector Std., we will be able to build NFT collections and experiences that were never before possible, tell new kinds of stories, and bring products to market in ways that nobody else would think to.

Visit the page below to get more insights on how The Collector Std. differs from a typical NFT today and what features differentiate our collector oriented design.

The Collector Std. opens so many doors. We can’t wait to share more about this.

(3) In a spur of the moment decision, we released Even v. Odd, a simple NFT game where two sides fought in a battle for metadata and generative art.

We decided to join the celebration of #OnchainSummer that occurred on Base, an Ethereum L2 network incubated by Coinbase, because it was the perfect opportunity for us demonstrate the power of The Collector Std. and test out our new design in action.

Even v. Odd: Even collection. Only one side was awarded generative art
Even v. Odd: Even collection. Only one side was awarded generative art

Even v. Odd was the first project to be shipped with The Collector Std. and it was our first project off of the Ethereum mainnet. Because Even v. Odd was built with The Collector Std., the collection benefited from the fully on-chain design and leveraged the power of the EVM to bring collectors an NFT that will truly exist forever.

The project is a commentary on metadata scarcity in our industry and pits the inhabitants of the Ethverse against each other playing on wallet addresses. In the end, Even numbered wallet addresses vanquished the odd numbered addresses to be victorious, winning metadata and generative art for the Even side.

A forcing function of interesting mint behaviour, the side with the lowest # of mints won
A forcing function of interesting mint behaviour, the side with the lowest # of mints won

Click here to see the final collection of 155 pieces on OpenSea.

We had a great time producing the Even v. Odd experience. It was a fun labour of love and on the studio front, it was truly a family effort.

The game based around minting featured some interesting mechanics that you can learn more about on the Even v. Odd project page:

(4) Shortly after Even v. Odd, we announced the launch of an initiative to called Preserve.

Preserve is our initiative to protect NFT metadata by saving the industry's rich history and stories on decentralized storage solutions to ensure such data is not lost.

Preserving our industry's culture and heritage
Preserving our industry's culture and heritage

We were troubled to hear that Gen.Art, a fellow generative art studio, would be closing its doors. Upon examining their contracts, we discovered that their entire archive of incredible collections was at risk of being lost, beyond retrieval. This posed the problem that a significant contribution to our industry’s culture and heritage would be forever forgotten.

So we kickstarted Preserve to begin making a dent in the preservation of Ethereum’s invaluable history. Does this surprise you? We’ve always been historians at heart. Cough, cough, Hash.

Our first act for Preserve was 1) to save Gen.Art’s metadata, and 2) to educate creators and collectors on the importance of good metadata storage designs.

See the kickoff thread and how we accomplished this here:

Powered by NFT.Storage, we successfully secured 12 contracts and over 12,000 NFT’s for Gen.Art with a decentralized storage solution. The Gen.Art community can have peace today knowing the contracts containing their collections have been safely stored and their art will remain on the blockchain unchanged.

We see many opportunities for Preserve to continue as a force for good in our space and we will continue with the initiative as a part time effort to help creators in need.

A greater focus on the current state of NFT fragility and an emphasis on better metadata design standards will be a net positive to our space. This is something we care greatly about and believe that new metadata designs are an area ripe for innovation that could truly impact Web3 at large.

(5) To chip away at the universal delivery of a better NFT metadata standard, we created the NFT Metadata Cheat Sheet.

A 10X improvement over the NFT metadata standard made by OpenSea
A 10X improvement over the NFT metadata standard made by OpenSea

This is a resource we wish we had had since day 1 and many creators are already benefitting from it’s existence.

Not to date ourselves too hard, but our cheat sheet is a big step up from other guides in our industry. It features over 100 examples of NFT metadata designs to help inform you on the latest and most unique use cases of NFT metadata. If you make NFT's, this is for you.

Bookmark this cheat sheet. Save it for later. It's meant to be a tool at your disposal when creating NFT’s.

Why did we create this?

Our mission is to create art that changes people's perceptions of NFTs. To do this, it often means diving into the more technical aspects of NFT production. Our process is distinct in that the art we produce could not be created without an emphasis on NFT metadata designs.

NFT metadata is a component of the NFT that is often neglected. This is largely because it's not well understood. If as much care and attention went into the details of metadata designs as is going into creating fantastic art, our industry could be in a different position today. To that end, we made this guide for you, creators and collectors, to better understand and explore the mechanisms that make an NFT what it is.

Aside from being a powerful medium for art, a token is a container for code that gives your art life and helps communicate a more profound story. By increasing our understanding and the quality of our NFT metadata designs, we can tell stories with tokens that were never before possible. Tapping into better metadata allows you to tap into the heart of NFT production and unlock new capabilities for tokenization as a medium for storytelling.

(6) Other things we’ve shared that aren’t so mission critical include:

- A thread on highlighting our views on some of the novel innovations that can change the future of NFTs:

- Additional ramblings on metadata designs in regard to the Gen.Art preservation effort:

What’s next on our horizon?

Stay tuned for Terrene Exeo and Explore. We are really excited about the upcoming developments and the release of the full version of Explore.

A final thought regarding the state our industry.

The state of our market presents a significant challenge today. This isn’t lost on us, and it’s disheartening to witness its impact on so many of our peers. In light of this, we’ve strategically designed our business to weather the storm. We aren’t in the business of speculating on when our industry will “be back” and we aren’t willing to succumb to the turbulence. Hard times will come and go. Our mission, however, remains unchanged, and we’ve buckled down for the long fight.

For now, that’s all.

With love,
Pob Studio Team 🧡

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