March 27th, 2022

Proof of Beauty Studio announced that HASH v3SAGA is coming! It the biggest news in the Cryptoverse, as a new algorithm will give an artistic shape to the transactions that must live forever in our memory. Blockchain is forever... hash is forever... and this is how the #HUNT begins!

HASH will tell the story of crypto and web3 to the future generation, as the foundation of storytelling is set by the HASH NFTs. Specific moments in blockchain history are  minted and stored as metadata, bootstrapping via PoB closed-source API that pulls and composes all the data into the token-metadata visible on OpenSea. Season 2 : HUNT for HASH is COMING IN APRIL!

HASH v3 will have a new theme, making it more robust and evergreen. V3 will bring updates to the protocol, to the NFTs and to the whole general appearance, because the Metaverse has become culturally prominent in the normie space. The progress made great teams built new projects, new infrastructure and new blockchain environments, and this is the main reason why HASHv3 deliberately reassessed the token standard.

December 9th, 2021

The Metaverse and the Proof of Beauty

Metaverse, Ethereum, non-fungible tokens, hash, mint #1 are now globally used words, and not only by crypto savvy people. NFT was declared the Collins Dictionary's word of the year, described as " chunk of digital data which records who a piece of digital artwork or a collectible belongs to".

Proof of Beauty Studio expands the short definition to a higher meaning, as NFTs can become memorabilia of events. Blockchain transactions, known as hash, can be minted as non-fungible tokens at Proof of Beauty Studio. Collectors can mint history in the form of NFTs, by creating memorabilia based on the hash attributes. The algorithm will consider all the attributes of the transaction and (such as sender, token, value, gas fees, etc) and will generate shapes, colors and patterns based on the details within the hash.

December 2nd, 2021

Over the last few months we have seen the astounding growth of Proof of Beauty studios, with the addition of a few folks to the team and the onboarding of our very-own co-founder, Ash. We released $LONDON and its respective NFT + DAO to the world and the crypto community’s reaction was astounding. Because of the reality of time and attention, we left HASH largely on pause as we focused on growing the LONDON project.

December 1st, 2021

LONDON Embers is an all new NFT project by @LondonDAO celebrating EIP-1559 and burning. Embers are attainable via the burning of LONDON Gifts or Embers itself. Learn more here.

November 23rd, 2021

What is Publico?

Publico is the newest collection from Proof of Beauty Studio - a series of experiments with NFT contracts powered by the search of novelty. The studio always looks to create striking experience and a new NFT cultural phenomenon, and Publico makes no difference. All series will represent a study of different aspects of the bound between the NFT creator and the NFT collector.

Publico Open Piano was the first series to be released, and the whole event was presented in live stream. The collection has a limited supply, capped at 64 NFTs, with the owner of Token ID:0 to dictate what the NFT metadata points to.

November 19th, 2021

Proof of Beauty allows people to collect history in the form of NFTs, by creating memorabilia based on the hash attributes. The algorithm will consider all the attributes of the transaction and (such as sender, token, value, gas fees, etc) and will generate shapes, colors and patterns based on the details within the hash.

The "Season 1: SAGA" NFTs are mintable for only 0.08 ETH, in two options: historical and personal. Historical NFTS are any transactions from the blockchain, mintable for the flat price of 0.08 Ethereum, while personal transactions from the wallet can be minted for a discounted 0.03125 Ethereum. Read more about HASH and SAGA in "Blockchain is forever - Proof of Beauty is eternal"

November 18th, 2021

The Historians DAO is comprised of volunteer researchers interested in helping tell the story of Ethereum through POB's HASH project. As a refresher, each HASH is minted from a unique Ethereum transaction hash, meaning that a HASH is an artistic representation of a particular occurrence on the Ethereum blockchain. The POB UI allows HASH owners to submit titles and descriptions describing the significance of the HASH's underlying transaction, and then to request that these annotations be verified through this Verdict Form.

The HASH Historians Process

The work of the HASH Historians is to review owner annotations, research the claims therein and write Verdict summaries describing our findings. At the conclusion of our research, we assign each HASH annotation a Verdict of either Verified or Disputed. Once three Historians have upvoted a Verified or Disputed Verdict, it may be submitted on-chain by anyone.

So to break that into pieces, here are the distinct steps:

November 17th, 2021

I came across this great video by Gabriel Haines with David Sun, the founder of POB. Proof Of Brain (POB) is the experimental digital experience art studio that uses "blockchain as canvas and tokens as paint". This new concept of generative NFTs will create art based on "hash" transactions, with each transaction being minted only once. Proof of Beauty allows people to collect history in the form of NFTs, by creating memorabilia based on the hash attributes. Blockchain is forever!

The algorithm will consider all the attributes of the transaction and (such as sender, token, value, gas fees, etc) and will generate shapes, colors and patterns based on the details within the hash. I did listen all 53 minutes and 52 seconds and I can say I learned a lot!

David Sun came with the idea that sparked the POB idea in 2018. He was creating generative art as a hobby and he wanted to link this with cryptocurrencies. He created the pipeline, the smart contracts and in three months HASH was born. The HASH generative model will fill the black box with the transaction data and will create an unique piece of art. As an example, gas price will be converted in color complexity and texturing. The program will translate an abstract economic concept into something visual.

November 15th, 2021

Introducing the official Proof of Beauty Studios SHOP site. This will be our space to explore the physicality of NFTs, provide POB merchandise, and experiment with web3 ecommerce experiences.

Print Service

We think premium artwork deserves a premium print experience. And it just so happened that we stumbled upon Urban Digital Color during a hangout in San Francisco. UDC specializes in fine art printmaking and produces archival-grade digital prints for numerous museum exhibitions like the SF MoMA.

October 4th, 2021

This is the story of LONDON, a project that nearly didn’t exist, was shipped at the nick of time, and filled with highs and lows that a b-movie studio would drool to buy the IP rights for. london.pob.studio

August 5th, 2021

With the $LONDON Shoppe selling out, thought it time to share more about the generative art and its inner workings.

Choosing its 'source' of beauty

The $LONDON gift generative art was a long study on procedural generation found in game development. I always admired the work put into making game worlds feel more immersive and found a unique opportunity to take some of their technologies to fashion art instead of digital realities.

To that, I have for the last few months researched and explored varying algorithms used by games to create procedural world and the found most promising and interesting design to be "Wave function collapse", WFC for short.

July 23rd, 2021

"This is our first guest post from a $HASH historian from the DAO. These folks have some deep insights about $HASH hunting, uncovering historic moments, and leveraging tools to realize their archeological ambitions.

Excited to have BulletEyeDk share his tips around finding your txn to mint!" - David Sun

July 4th, 2021

$HASH has since grown from its debut a few months back into a project well beyond just collectible generative art. Highlighted in an earlier post, we have broad ambitions for $HASH to be a community driven effort to archive + curate Ethereum history. To that effort, we have enabled users to add 'annotations' to $HASH NFTs, allowing the story captured in each txhash to spill into the $HASH-verse.

Annotations populate on other NFT platforms
Annotations populate on other NFT platforms

Annotations, today, are largely created because of owners intentions to enrich their own $HASH NFTs. Self-annotation has worked well with about 800 annotations already written by the community, but does leave for some undesired effects. Owners can maliciously write annotations that suggest the $HASH represents something it doesn't. The interpretations of history can be vague or dubious due to lack of due diligence.

June 15th, 2021

Since the launch of Season 1: SAGA, we been hard at work expanding upon the vision of the $HASH project. We will like to share a few thoughts on the future of $HASH and some of the exciting things we are working on.

From conversations with community members and collectors, it is clear to us that $HASH represents much more than the transaction it tokenizes. People collect moments of pivotal ETH history, celebrity moments, and their own artistic journey. $HASH is how we capture the most dear, historic, important, exciting, parts of our journey on ETH.

A natural vision arises from $HASH: it can/should become the library of ETH. As a project, it is perfectly placed as a place to archive, celebrate, and memorialize this rich history.

June 10th, 2021

The $HASH project struck a unique cord both within ourselves and the community. What is Ethereum's history? That is something for all of us to discover and create.

With the Proof of History series, we want to highlight these mementos of our history and reward the treasure hunters in the community. Mirror's Split functionality is a beautiful way to acknowledge the curators and librarians of our world.

May 28th, 2021

It’s been about a month and a half since the selling out of GENESIS and we been heads down building a new season that honors what has come before and what $HASH can/will be.

Enter SAGA. A season to celebrate the more personal moments of our ETH history. SAGA introduces a ton of new features and experiences:

  • The SAGA generative algorithm, inspired by GENESIS and other artists~
  • The #MYSAGA experience, a customized gallery experience to highlight your best and most historic moments of your address (or really any address for that matter)
  • Checkout experience, like shopping on a traditional website. Qe have introduced a checkout style experience: add txns to cart and mint them all in one go!
  • Larger and discounted supply of txns to offer $HASH at accommodating prices for all kind of collectors!
May 28th, 2021

For the uninitiated, $HASH is a project to capture our ETH’s history in the form of generative art NFTs. Each NFT derives its visual attributes from the transaction itself.

SAGA, our second season of $HASH, improves upon the design of our previous visual experience employed in GENESIS. For GENESIS holders, you will find the experience familiar but different and in many ways.

To learn more about how $HASH draws the artworks from the txn, read this.

Before going further, GENESIS holders, you can enjoy the new visuals of SAGA by going to your $HASH collection on hash.pob.studio.

May 28th, 2021


We have a new home! Check out our new studio page at pob.studio.

$HASH, our first token project will live on hash.pob.studio

May 28th, 2021

TLDR hash.pob.studio/

Proof of beauty’s first project $HASH has received an explosive response from the NFT community. We couldn’t be happier with how people are exploring our history and finding the most important bits of our, your, history worth tokenizing.

In many ways, $HASH is a project that reflects ourselves. If you are a NFT collector, you are naturally drawn to the visual rarities of the artwork and historic NFT events. If you have created your own projects, you are drawn to the history you have created. To say that $HASH is just a non-fungible token doesn’t do justice to what it truthfully captures about its owner.

With this all in mind, we believe that $HASH has a ton of potential in growing well beyond its current scale. We also hope to tap into a huge cache of creative ideas/generative algorithms ideas we have in mind at POB to create cooler experiences for the POB community.

May 28th, 2021

How does value become valuable? What kind of magical complexion of assets, the likes of DAI, the threaded paper of a US Benjamin, or the sheen of a new NFT minted do we find just so beautiful.

A conversation on value can go on forever, no amount of time can truly capture this lifelong debate among our human minds.

In the NFT space, value is a constantly reminded topic. Almost, annoyingly brought up on each corner of the winding street that is crypto-twitter. How does one discover its value? What does time do to its value? Will others see it as valuable, if not more than I do?

Instinctually, we raise our answers to these thoughts with a few parameters:

May 28th, 2021

Hope the word ‘manifesto’ caught your attention. 

This isn’t really a manifesto. There is no declaration made, no blood boiling war cries against the corporate internet, or some list of commandments about POB culture. 

Just a stream of thoughts on what is POB, what to expect in the future, and what not to.

May 28th, 2021

If you somehow found this blog without first visiting pob.studio, first I am amazed and surprised, two, please do visit and play around with the platform! Come back with the context of the platform in mind.

**TLDR **POB stands for Proof of Beauty, a crypto art experiment where each artwork ($HASH token) represents a transaction hash. The community mints the artworks they deem ‘beautiful’ culturally, historically, or visually.

So go mint some artworks.

May 28th, 2021

POB is a project where you, the cryptoart collector, participates in the creative process. As the full name suggests, Proof of Beauty enables the community to ‘prove’ a potential $HASH token is ‘beautiful’ by minting the artwork. 

Each $HASH token is unique and represents a single transaction. In later posts, we will highlight the reasoning behind the token mechanics around $HASH.